Whispers carry the dreams

that were developed

in locked bathroom stalls

in tangled locks of shedding hair

in the food buried deep in trash cans

and in kisses sent across thousands of miles

that never reached the deadened insides

of another caged girl.


The girl who gleams with the tears of others

and who shimmers dully of repressed desires.


Untethered from her post

the girl glides free from the weight of secrets

that dissipate as she disappears

leaving only still remains

of forgotten girls,

pierced by their own bones.


Do I Die?

I fall

unencumbered by the force

that has ruled my life

since the start of clockless time.


Their windswept faces

Their cracked profiles

Stand and wait

With bored certainty.


A delirium contracts around

the speckled white blue

as a bony hand holds up the yarn

ready for snipping.


Saved from certainty

Deprived of life

I fall,

I fall,

I fall.

But do I die?


The nightmares that plagued the frozen statues

wrapped cold tendrils around the warmth breath

that escaped from parted lips.

embraced the world, hands outstretched

to welcome the galaxy into her soul.

Breathing is the rippling tides of time

she tightened her tendons and took

a trembling step.

The weakness penetrated through thawed bones

for the sight was chilling –

the lines of statues facing towards a

bloody horizon.

As she looked upon the desolate scene

the nightmare slipped inside

and started to spread

the ice.

Soon she was nothing more

than another statue

lost in the everlasting army

of frozen souls.


The earth has shifted,

the world has sung it’s song.


Lives have begun and ended

with the click of an angel’s fingers.


Mermaids sit atop sinking rocks

singing the theme song

of our destruction.


Demons lurk in shadows

licking lips with tongues

that already taste our blood.


The echoes have risen from the dead

to enter silent minds

and alter memories.


The earth has shifted

and we are no longer there.

Under the Moon

We swam in the night.

Our fingers grasped the wisps of fog,

our bodies twisted to the moon’s humming tune.

We washed our hands in pools of charcoal

and etched ink drawings into each others

translucent skin.

Rainbows trapped in dark droplets,

reflecting unseen light,

dripped through our raven black hair

and kissed the surface of the lake.

The ripples trembled with our movements

as we gave into the bone chilling



The air rushed to greet our faces

pushing hair above our heads

and running tendriled fingers through it.

It kissed our foreheads with fierce stings

till its icy burn overcame all else.


We plummeted with our minds

our mouths open in song,

our bony fingers intertwined.


Our sapphire veins rose high,

as our blood pumped faster,

pressing against each others milky skin.


Our heartbeats pounded in unison

as our laughter united in solemnity.


We fell until all that remained

were the echos of insane giggling

after our bodies were taken away.

Set Free

You’ll never get away.


He claimed that once

with violet lips brushing against

my cold knuckles.


We’re connected now.


His whispers slipped through frosty air

and bit past flesh

till crimson bled into his palm.


Accept what has happened.


My chin thrust back

bare neck exposed in agony

but the trembles that ran through me

were not birthed from him.


Giving up?


A shuddered breath

the warmth began to leave.

I saw the icicles on my eyelashes

and smiled at the dancing light.


You can’t go, you’re mine forever.


The voice faded

a backdrop to my new wonderland.

The spots of maroon on the snow began to grow.

A pretty pattern – and the last I’d see.