I created this page because I thought I’d try out something new. I have a lot of suffering and pain in my life and it pretty obviously comes through in my poetry and writing… However it’s hard to tell what is directly about me and what is a dream or something else. So I made this page so curious individuals could ask me questions and I’d post my answers on this page. It can be about me, the meaning of a certain writing piece, why I wrote a poem/story, ect.

My email is justanotherimpurity@gmail.com

Feel free to message me, even if it’s not about this.

I hope you all are fighting your inner darkness, and singe the tendrils trying to creep over your darkened mind. For underneath the rolling ebony fog, I promise, there is light. ❤

— Evanescent

What informed your style of writing? – DrSwag

I think my writing has stemmed from the problems in my life. I hate calling them problems though…because there are people out there who have suffered far more than me, and by no means deserved it. Yet here I am, fighting an eating disorder that I feel like I created, and struggling with depression due to it. All because what, the media tells women they need to be skinnier? I guess I just have a lot of pent up anger inside me, churning like storm, and that fuels pieces with harsher tones. Then there’s the sad pieces I write that come from the tears that lay heavy and unshed in my mind and heart. Of course there is always a glimpse of happiness, occasionally, there is a short story I am writing that actually involves love – and not love that is shattered or painful. That must come from a place hidden away from me where there is still hope, and through writing I’ve managed to tap into it. If I were to summarize this winding paragraph, I’d just have to say my writing comes from my experiences, and what they have shaped my mind to become.

— Evanescence ❤


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