Whispers carry the dreams

that were developed

in locked bathroom stalls

in tangled locks of shedding hair

in the food buried deep in trash cans

and in kisses sent across thousands of miles

that never reached the deadened insides

of another caged girl.


The girl who gleams with the tears of others

and who shimmers dully of repressed desires.


Untethered from her post

the girl glides free from the weight of secrets

that dissipate as she disappears

leaving only still remains

of forgotten girls,

pierced by their own bones.


The Runners

The Runners sprinted

as their dreams catchers swung

inside their pulsating rooms

each movement changing the color

that the feathered objects sung to the world.


Their bodies screamed

but their hands clung tight

grasping the bones of each other.


Chants echoed from their dried lips

and raspy throats

a song for skeletons

a plea to the unwanted.


Together in their lunacy

they ran towards the darkness

and away from their fiery fear

of the future.