The Mind

Breath stolen by spinning disks of obsidian,

turntables hitching in midst of old voices; trapped in the moment

etched lines the mother of sweet sound,

reverberating through vast chambers of the rambling heart –

crumbling frozen spindles of the mind;

a key to ricocheting memories

thawing the long spent cries to forgive,

lost in bombardment through steel-tipped thoughts.


Hide and Seek

Running through an empty house

counting down the seconds.

One last place to find

One last place to hide.


Ready or not

here he comes.





Hear the dripping of the tap

from the bathroom she once was

left running in the haste

to hide from echoing laughter.


Ready or not

here he comes.


Stuffed animals

lined against the wall

watching as she’s found

watching as she’s pinned to the ground.

Smiling at their owner

smiling, smiling

as she’s fighting.


Ready or not

here he comes

with his song:


Scream, scream

all you want.

No more running

no more hiding

once you’re found

I’ve got you bound.


Can I forgive you?

Like a horse you trampled my spirit,

your hand stole happiness

and left purple pain.


I tried to pluck some poppies,

but all the pretty flowers

in all the pretty world

couldn’t erase the memories.


Your force stole my strength

till only your words were needed

to make my knees tremble and clack.


I still shiver at the scent

of onions

as I remember the taste

and smell

of your putrid breath

and rotting body.

Blue Violets

As if sprung from fresh spring rain

two violets peep from a dirty landscape

smiling with pebbles that scatter around their roots.

Aqua eyes blinking in the daylight

and sleeping away the night

when fireflies buzz by

tinkling little laughs

that echo yours.

Soft lips forming words I cannot hear

as I stare at the blue violets

which suddenly have become so clear.

My fingers wish to glide

across supple skin

and I yearn

to learn what those blue violets look like

up close.

Yet the temptation does break reality,

so I watch across

a lake of yearning

and only cross over

under the cover of night

wrapped in dreams rampant with hope.

When those blue violets open to the golden rays of sun

all that remains

is a violet

to be pondered upon

by an innocent beauty.


The nightmares that plagued the frozen statues

wrapped cold tendrils around the warmth breath

that escaped from parted lips.

embraced the world, hands outstretched

to welcome the galaxy into her soul.

Breathing is the rippling tides of time

she tightened her tendons and took

a trembling step.

The weakness penetrated through thawed bones

for the sight was chilling –

the lines of statues facing towards a

bloody horizon.

As she looked upon the desolate scene

the nightmare slipped inside

and started to spread

the ice.

Soon she was nothing more

than another statue

lost in the everlasting army

of frozen souls.


The earth has shifted,

the world has sung it’s song.


Lives have begun and ended

with the click of an angel’s fingers.


Mermaids sit atop sinking rocks

singing the theme song

of our destruction.


Demons lurk in shadows

licking lips with tongues

that already taste our blood.


The echoes have risen from the dead

to enter silent minds

and alter memories.


The earth has shifted

and we are no longer there.


Our hands are clenched tight

fingers curled around each other.


The trepidation of the ineffable has us quivering

in our high top boots

and fishnet tights.


The fabric snaking up our legs

matched the crossing of our minds,

each so entrenched with the other’s thoughts.


In unison we sing our song

melodies so sonorous

that the forest can’t help

but hold it’s breath.


No one notices anything but the beauty

of our smiles

so our tears escape unnoticed

rolling down blue-veined faces.


Imprints of nails on our palms

still rouse memories

of silent stares

and untold secrets hanging heavy

in the air.


We are iridescent with the limerence

but never does the epiphany grace our minds

that we clenched hands so tight

that one one fell

the other did too.


Elysian species decorate the planets

webbed fingers outstretched to meet

the nothingness that has overtaken

the universe’s beating heart.

They shrink to the latibule’s of the stars,

hiding among dust

becoming as hollow as the burned out sun.

“Be quiescent”

they whisper

“give in to the chasm”

and embrace the mellifluous universe.

Under the Moon

We swam in the night.

Our fingers grasped the wisps of fog,

our bodies twisted to the moon’s humming tune.

We washed our hands in pools of charcoal

and etched ink drawings into each others

translucent skin.

Rainbows trapped in dark droplets,

reflecting unseen light,

dripped through our raven black hair

and kissed the surface of the lake.

The ripples trembled with our movements

as we gave into the bone chilling



The air rushed to greet our faces

pushing hair above our heads

and running tendriled fingers through it.

It kissed our foreheads with fierce stings

till its icy burn overcame all else.


We plummeted with our minds

our mouths open in song,

our bony fingers intertwined.


Our sapphire veins rose high,

as our blood pumped faster,

pressing against each others milky skin.


Our heartbeats pounded in unison

as our laughter united in solemnity.


We fell until all that remained

were the echos of insane giggling

after our bodies were taken away.