Icy Warmth

You took me in your arms

and ran your fingers down my spine.

You whispered words of hushed promises

and laid me down upon the grass.


The night was dark

but your eyes were my lamplight

glowing like golden honey.


And as I tasted your lips

I felt something cold.

Your hands let fall an ice cube

down the back of my dress.


A shiver cascaded down my frame

and my back arched –

pressing my body into you.

And when it had finally melted into my warmth

I had melted into yours.


Flying Notes

The fingers danced

a skittering across russet wood

and sweeping over vibrating strings.


The body swayed

as hand dared the bow to plunge.

Sound reverberated up the spine

lacing edges of consciousness

with tepid trills of emotion.


Scales stretched to painted sky

deftly defying sunset hues

with the blue tones from somber moon.


Even distant plants could feel the echoes

soaring deep into the night.

They pierced the brightest stars

with an onslaught so great

that the burning orbs dulled in comparison

and fell from their trembling orbits

in mourning.


As the highnotes screeched

mountaintops crumbled

releasing long-rested dust

to float in freedom

across music filled skies

and wonder about

the song.


Our stomachs twisted

Our minds froze.

A sea of eyes found us

and our impurities.

Every blemish magnified

A tenfold of revelation

Imperfections scattered

like freckles

Each surface a tablet to be mismarked

a board to swallow scratches.

Our skin sagged.

Our eyes watered.

But darkness wasn’t our friend –

we remained conscious

through the burning shame.