Numb ustic nerves

fervently burning from the cold

as diminutive lims lath –

pressed onto red linked chain:

listless in the darkness,

placid against a demon’s chest.


Banner of hair flapping

a flag of unbenounced creation

attached to cantankerous body

squandered by salty licks

from writhing tongues below

the relentless blue tugging

exalted by the taste of the

life seeping from fractured skin


As lithe birds shift between cracked ominocity,

a single glow of pallid yellow highlights

the figurine with chiseled jaw

cheeks stained red

fighting alabaster cloths for sight.


Back hunched, a curvature pointing down

string hair hanging – black as her mind

and the nightmares which haunt

her moving frame

are unseen to innocent eyes.


Up above the ocean she swings

sat upon a wooden slab

clinging to metal chains.

Attached to lithe clouds,

her body slowly being washed away

by the hungry white mouths

of the ocean.


We’ve …

We’ve walked in the amber dusk

breathing in the ginger spice

which seemed always to undulate in the air.

Our breath has condensed in silvery puffs,

spiraling up to kiss the sky’s glassy surface.

And our eyes have followed those steamy trails

till only stars greet our wondering gaze

and the night falls silent with our awe.


We’ve whispered in the depths of fiery August

when the sun has berated us with its scorching touch

and the river water lapped at our ankles.

As we’ve exhaled our words have melted

and become lost to the current,

singing on its way back to the ocean

from which we were birthed.


We’ve cried in the showers of April,

when our tears flowed heavier

than the rain which beat at our heads.

Yet when we’ve ran dry

we’ve titled our heads once again

and stared up at the blue.

Hands outstretched,

mouths yawned wide,

we’ve cried out in amazement

as mother nature shed her tears

in immortal empathy.

My Puzzle

I thought I could heal

all the shattered fragments

of your bones

with a kiss.

I thought I could heal

all the fractures in your mind

with words lining paper

and love barely concealed.

I thought I could heal

all that was not whole

and piece you like a puzzle

till you fit once again

but I forgot

to heal another

one must be healed themselves.


Words dripped

from clenched mouth

between pursed lips

and a smile.

They slid over dimpled chin

and cartwheeled towards the floor

the pain of yesterday  forgotten.

They dribbled

pushed by an exhale

which rots with the stench

of the mind’s lies

They splattered like raindrops

filled with burnt moondust

across a nonexistent floor

and vanished, lost,

meaningless to the world.

Willowed Women

Weeping branches across tepid pond,

dipping in calling wind

rustling leaves to birth a symphony

cascading limbs reaching a crescendo

morphing with accompaniment of trilling peckers;

near-sighted singers, trembling warblers.

And in it’s timeless waiting

lines sink lower in abasement

extolled only by shadowed girls of white

pure through the bruises

radiant among brown speckled skin.

Yet as the leaves fall,

so do the freckles,

overturned by years of dark windows;

and waning light trapped between smudged windowpanes.

They land with the browned leaves


and all are trampled.