Sitting on rustic doormats

staining tweed with crimson liquid

like humans with open wounds

they bleed in unison

an army placed by a fleeting hand.


Set Free

You’ll never get away.


He claimed that once

with violet lips brushing against

my cold knuckles.


We’re connected now.


His whispers slipped through frosty air

and bit past flesh

till crimson bled into his palm.


Accept what has happened.


My chin thrust back

bare neck exposed in agony

but the trembles that ran through me

were not birthed from him.


Giving up?


A shuddered breath

the warmth began to leave.

I saw the icicles on my eyelashes

and smiled at the dancing light.


You can’t go, you’re mine forever.


The voice faded

a backdrop to my new wonderland.

The spots of maroon on the snow began to grow.

A pretty pattern – and the last I’d see.

The Runners

The Runners sprinted

as their dreams catchers swung

inside their pulsating rooms

each movement changing the color

that the feathered objects sung to the world.


Their bodies screamed

but their hands clung tight

grasping the bones of each other.


Chants echoed from their dried lips

and raspy throats

a song for skeletons

a plea to the unwanted.


Together in their lunacy

they ran towards the darkness

and away from their fiery fear

of the future.

Return to the Sea

She walked towards the sea

her hair catching the spray

and as the sunset melted

like blood into the sea.

Her mouth parted

and she inhaled the sight.

The sun drew closer

till it absorbed through her fiery skin.

The sea rolled forth

crashing onto her limber frame.

Once the foam had settled

only skittering particles remained

until they blew away

in the sea salt wind.

The Nights Reflection

The night reflected our secrets

as dust from exploding stars

fell silently through the breathless void

and into our tipped mouths.

The night reflected our secrets

keeping them in a black velvet embrace

kissing our mouths with charcoal lips

and wiping the sorrow away with the tears of stars.

The night reflected our secrets

a vast endlessness that somehow we filled up

till it stretched till bursting and broke in a blink.

The night reflected our secrets no more.

Our hidden thoughts and memories spiraled down

along with the broken stars and singing planets.

The earth was broken by our secrets.