I feel very self conscious posting this and may delete later.. I’ve just struggled so much and I’m finally ready for help but can’t afford it.

If you can give I’d be grateful, whether that just be supportive words or a donation. ❤





Each passes by,

a unit with a separate life,

marching towards a destiny I cannot see.

they follow the golden road

of prosperity

of euphoria

while I drift in the

murky shallows of my tears.


Whispers carry the dreams

that were developed

in locked bathroom stalls

in tangled locks of shedding hair

in the food buried deep in trash cans

and in kisses sent across thousands of miles

that never reached the deadened insides

of another caged girl.


The girl who gleams with the tears of others

and who shimmers dully of repressed desires.


Untethered from her post

the girl glides free from the weight of secrets

that dissipate as she disappears

leaving only still remains

of forgotten girls,

pierced by their own bones.


Extolled upon ravenous breath

as yearning tugs upon crusty corners

and fingers pick at soft center.

Eyes swept by a frosty chill

now berated from a scolding sun

“The child left for too long.”

As mouth alight the senses burn

emotions stifled beneath control

finally grasp at a breath long held.

Disintegration making parts most prized

to fall

and the dormant hunger wakes with rage.

Chewing in pleasure

fasting with ecstasy

sedating a monster

born from repression.


The absence was profound,

tapping on the consciousness

and reminding it that something had fled.


The mind craved to fill the emptiness

reaching to unnatural sustenance

to complete itself.


The body grew in different ways

stretching to birth a new gap.


The absence brought a hunger


and unwound by insanity.


Time clicked on,

marked by the waves

of consciousness.


As she grew

the numbers did too.


But the absence only flourished,

fed by the impenetrable sadness.


The air rushed to greet our faces

pushing hair above our heads

and running tendriled fingers through it.

It kissed our foreheads with fierce stings

till its icy burn overcame all else.


We plummeted with our minds

our mouths open in song,

our bony fingers intertwined.


Our sapphire veins rose high,

as our blood pumped faster,

pressing against each others milky skin.


Our heartbeats pounded in unison

as our laughter united in solemnity.


We fell until all that remained

were the echos of insane giggling

after our bodies were taken away.

Set Free

You’ll never get away.


He claimed that once

with violet lips brushing against

my cold knuckles.


We’re connected now.


His whispers slipped through frosty air

and bit past flesh

till crimson bled into his palm.


Accept what has happened.


My chin thrust back

bare neck exposed in agony

but the trembles that ran through me

were not birthed from him.


Giving up?


A shuddered breath

the warmth began to leave.

I saw the icicles on my eyelashes

and smiled at the dancing light.


You can’t go, you’re mine forever.


The voice faded

a backdrop to my new wonderland.

The spots of maroon on the snow began to grow.

A pretty pattern – and the last I’d see.

The Runners

The Runners sprinted

as their dreams catchers swung

inside their pulsating rooms

each movement changing the color

that the feathered objects sung to the world.


Their bodies screamed

but their hands clung tight

grasping the bones of each other.


Chants echoed from their dried lips

and raspy throats

a song for skeletons

a plea to the unwanted.


Together in their lunacy

they ran towards the darkness

and away from their fiery fear

of the future.

My Superhero

My superhero rests upon my face,

under my hollowed eyes

below my sunken cheekbones

underneath my red painted nose.


My superhero saves me everyday

casting doubts away

and sending me spiraling

into the world of normalcy.


My superhero defies the laws,

arguing with the other emotions,

contracting deadened muscles

long withered away.


My superhero is the smile

that never cracks,

despite lacing across a fractured viasage.

Never melting,

despite the cascade of thoughts

pressing against my skull.


My superhero is my fake smile,

that never lets my pain be seen.

Pretty Little Girl

I know of a pretty little girl.

Her porcelain skin etched to mark

the tally of her sins.


I know of a pretty little girl

who peeled off her skin

and sewed it back tighter

just so her bones would show.


I know of a pretty little girl

who swallowed a flame

to burn the fat from within.


I know of a pretty little girl

who stapled her eyes shut

so she couldn’t see the temptation.


I know of a pretty little girl

who didn’t think she was so pretty.


I know of a pretty little girl

who destroyed the pretty

destroyed the innocence

and destroyed the girl

so she could become

a skeleton.