Iridescent strands

Woven by dancing fingers

sealed together by crystal tears


She breathes in moondust

letting winter take hold

making everything porcelain


Her creation shimmers

and shudders

as if it were to blow away

yet she continues.


As she finishes

her lungs expel the last

of the warmth

from frosty lungs


and falls to endless slumber,

safe within her cocoon.



Each passes by,

a unit with a separate life,

marching towards a destiny I cannot see.

they follow the golden road

of prosperity

of euphoria

while I drift in the

murky shallows of my tears.

Dancing with Shadows

We dance with the shadows

mapping out the words we want to say

with our bodies movements

and pointed feet.

Our muscles strain as we support the other

flying through the air

as if without gravity to guide our senses.

We remain unhinged from reality

stretching the lengths of time

as our bodies twirl

and dip

bending towards each other

only to slip away again.

We are two dancers

trapped in an icy world

of our own

dancing away the time

with only the shadows

to give us the hope

that we still exist.


The absence was profound,

tapping on the consciousness

and reminding it that something had fled.


The mind craved to fill the emptiness

reaching to unnatural sustenance

to complete itself.


The body grew in different ways

stretching to birth a new gap.


The absence brought a hunger


and unwound by insanity.


Time clicked on,

marked by the waves

of consciousness.


As she grew

the numbers did too.


But the absence only flourished,

fed by the impenetrable sadness.

The Rulers

The kings and queens stood,

fingers intertwined,

eyes as cold as the unsolved mysteries

of the doomed galaxy.


They danced to a tune of their own,

feet flying across the splatter-painted earth

and bodies fluctuating in the ashen air.


That night they walked home

their crowns put into a box

their song of laughter silenced

the blood washed from their shoes.


Then they smiled

and said they knew nothing –

even when the bruises began to show,

when I was a picture of royal purple and deep blue,

painted by their cruelty.

Under the Moon

We swam in the night.

Our fingers grasped the wisps of fog,

our bodies twisted to the moon’s humming tune.

We washed our hands in pools of charcoal

and etched ink drawings into each others

translucent skin.

Rainbows trapped in dark droplets,

reflecting unseen light,

dripped through our raven black hair

and kissed the surface of the lake.

The ripples trembled with our movements

as we gave into the bone chilling


In It Together

We grasp at the ladder

fingers slippery from past mistakes.


Hearts pounding in unison

the darkness claws at our heels

as our mouths open

in silent screams.


Suspended by invisible lines,

hair dangling in thick air,

movements too slow,

time too lost to breath.


If only mistakes could be wiped,

words left unspoken,

actions unwound.


We are met in matrimony

as our eyes meet.


Our hands are raised,

our palms kiss,

and then we let go.


The darkness is cold as we plunge

but our bodies are colder,

locked in a frozen embrace.