The Haze

The world is so pretty through the haze
all soft edges 
all blurred colors
all full of warmth.

Summer’s haze carries the sweet memories
of laughter and mouth creases
so this alabaster skin
can no longer the cold touch,

The brush of the haze
sends ripples across a still mind
and wakes the tattered girl
who was long forgotten.

All it takes is one little pill
and then the haze descends –
a welcome break
from reality.


Can I forgive you?

Like a horse you trampled my spirit,

your hand stole happiness

and left purple pain.


I tried to pluck some poppies,

but all the pretty flowers

in all the pretty world

couldn’t erase the memories.


Your force stole my strength

till only your words were needed

to make my knees tremble and clack.


I still shiver at the scent

of onions

as I remember the taste

and smell

of your putrid breath

and rotting body.


It rises again.

The torrent of emotion.

Spirits loosed from cracked bottles

dark aromas looking for area to fill –

a chasm to illuminate with terror.


Trapped beneath spider web skin.

It rages on.

Splitting bindings,

diction let loose

that once was

stacked in my mind.


War cries ripping through

silent mind.

They fill the emptiness

that was my brain.


Then there was that

one spark of pain,

lost against the rushing

beneath my exterior.


Time slows.


The emptiness pushes back

and a victor is named.


A pinprick –

and then it’s gone.


The vacancy re-enters,

leaving me to explore

the nonexistent realms

in a restless imagination.