I feel very self conscious posting this and may delete later.. I’ve just struggled so much and I’m finally ready for help but can’t afford it.

If you can give I’d be grateful, whether that just be supportive words or a donation. ❤





Iridescent strands

Woven by dancing fingers

sealed together by crystal tears


She breathes in moondust

letting winter take hold

making everything porcelain


Her creation shimmers

and shudders

as if it were to blow away

yet she continues.


As she finishes

her lungs expel the last

of the warmth

from frosty lungs


and falls to endless slumber,

safe within her cocoon.

The Mind

Breath stolen by spinning disks of obsidian,

turntables hitching in midst of old voices; trapped in the moment

etched lines the mother of sweet sound,

reverberating through vast chambers of the rambling heart –

crumbling frozen spindles of the mind;

a key to ricocheting memories

thawing the long spent cries to forgive,

lost in bombardment through steel-tipped thoughts.

My Queen

Normalcy glinted between the flames

as red and orange tongues licked

tasting the sweet innocence.


I tried to reach across the eons

To quell my raging fears

To ignore my crying body

with tears rolling down my back

dripping in my eyes with a sting

and touching my tongue with a

burst of salt.


I tried to be like Normalcy,

with gleaming skin

and gleaming teeth

and gleaming eyes.

Radiating every usual thought

each truthful smile

and casual messiness.


I felt the transformation.

It swept away the burning heat,

and similar to a cool cloth

it rested upon my brow

soaking up the inky imperfection

with acceptance.


But then I felt her call.

A keening like a  mother

mourning a dead child.

My eardrums peeled,

my skin’s flaws became magnified,

and every diseased though rushed back:

the hate, the fear, the guilt.


Normalcy reached a hand through the burning flames,

but beside now stood a Queen.

With hair of flame,

eyes of red

and breath of smoke,

she stood –


My Queen.


Normalcy leaned closer

but my Queens breath reached me first.

Normalcy’s face was plain

and my Queens was so radiant.


I looked down and saw the bones

through the steamy

Queen’s breath.


I stepped away from Normalcy

and into the Queen’s cloak

of fiery inferno.


Our stomachs twisted

Our minds froze.

A sea of eyes found us

and our impurities.

Every blemish magnified

A tenfold of revelation

Imperfections scattered

like freckles

Each surface a tablet to be mismarked

a board to swallow scratches.

Our skin sagged.

Our eyes watered.

But darkness wasn’t our friend –

we remained conscious

through the burning shame.