I feel very self conscious posting this and may delete later.. I’ve just struggled so much and I’m finally ready for help but can’t afford it.

If you can give I’d be grateful, whether that just be supportive words or a donation. ❤




13 thoughts on “GoFundMe

  1. Reblogged this on In Sacred Presence and commented:
    I have been thinking about and praying for dearest Kate more recently, and now I know why.

    Please feel a few of her struggles through her lovely poetry and please do support our precious friend, “whether that be with kind words or whatever money you can give.” God bless you always, beloved souls.

    (Kate, love, keep this post up!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ )

    (Caralyn sweetheart, could you reblog this, too?)

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  2. You are always in our hearts, Kate, in so many hearts and minds who persevere through seemingly unending struggles ourselves, who know that Eternity has a plan for your life and who pray for you throughout our days. God’s grace enfolds you, sweet girl, and we are ever grateful for having the beauty and strength of your divine light so close to our own souls.

    Showers of blessings on your precious life, Kate!
    With perpetual, soulful love
    on behalf of many,


  3. Kate love, [this image] is all yours. Do not hesitate to stick it at the top of your sidebar with the following paragraph as its title:

    Thank you for your presence here. This image was created by online friends who hold me in prayer and lovingly ask of anyone who would feel my struggles to use it on your own blog’s sidebar or footer hyperlinked to my GoFundMe page. Thank you for any way that you support me. With gratitude, Kate

    Keep believing and be gentle with yourself, precious girl.
    Feel angelically embraced! 👼💛🙏💜🙏💛👼


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