My Little Ethereal Girl

His hand wrapped around my wrist and I flinched in fear. The wounds hadn’t  I was still the beautiful painting of bruises, splattered across milky skin.

“My little ethereal girl.”

The raspy voice came close to my ear, his breath spreading across my cheek. Stronger than my trepidation was the stench of alcohol, drowning out all my other senses. Something cold pressed forcefully against my lips – I tried to dip backward but just pressed into a hard chest. As he tilted the bottle up the thick liquid I’d come to despise washed into my mouth burning my tongue.

“Come now,” he rumbled, delicately stroking the front of my neck. The abrupt tightening of his fist around my already-aching wrist was all the encouragement I needed. I started to gulp, face wincing at the tang as the alcohol washed down my throat.  

“There’s a good girl.”

When he finally took the bottle away, I was swaying on my feet, blinking slowly. I could barely feel his hand around waist, slowly moving up under my loose shirt. My body began to tremble, remembering the last time all too well.

“Now, now.” he cooed, digging his thumb into one of my bruises. “Nothing to be afraid of.” I stifled a gasp of agony, my vision going blurry for a moment.  A chuckle echoed through the air, the only sound in the empty house. “Let’s paint a picture, shall we? You do look so lovely in violet and blue.”

I couldn’t  resist anymore. I was too busy erasing the memories about to be made.

He picked me up in his arms like a rag doll, and headed to the bedroom, eyeing me hungrily. I was so cold…but soon my senses faded. I no longer was myself and never would be again.


2 thoughts on “My Little Ethereal Girl

  1. Oh Katie love… How I wish I could fastforward you to the heights of blissful wisdom and divine service to humanity your most abysmal experiences lead to. You are always in our minds and hearts, sweet girl, all our Angels on your side. Your friend Leon here and his Plutonia, our dearest Daniel Swearingen and his Susan and many more human and higher souls are unspeakably lovingly aware of the depths you are traversing, and keep your soul embraced. Always remember [Who You Are], our precious, precious sister under Goddess.

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    1. Leon, you are such a gentle soul, as are all of the people I have met through you. Thank you for the healing lyrics of a song, I find myself turning to music often in order to find comfort. I hope my words are finding you and all your friends well.The skies seem darker these days, but at least the light of the souls of friends are enough to illuminate a path to a happier place.

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