My Queen

Normalcy glinted between the flames

as red and orange tongues licked

tasting the sweet innocence.


I tried to reach across the eons

To quell my raging fears

To ignore my crying body

with tears rolling down my back

dripping in my eyes with a sting

and touching my tongue with a

burst of salt.


I tried to be like Normalcy,

with gleaming skin

and gleaming teeth

and gleaming eyes.

Radiating every usual thought

each truthful smile

and casual messiness.


I felt the transformation.

It swept away the burning heat,

and similar to a cool cloth

it rested upon my brow

soaking up the inky imperfection

with acceptance.


But then I felt her call.

A keening like a  mother

mourning a dead child.

My eardrums peeled,

my skin’s flaws became magnified,

and every diseased though rushed back:

the hate, the fear, the guilt.


Normalcy reached a hand through the burning flames,

but beside now stood a Queen.

With hair of flame,

eyes of red

and breath of smoke,

she stood –


My Queen.


Normalcy leaned closer

but my Queens breath reached me first.

Normalcy’s face was plain

and my Queens was so radiant.


I looked down and saw the bones

through the steamy

Queen’s breath.


I stepped away from Normalcy

and into the Queen’s cloak

of fiery inferno.


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