It’s presence was haunting.

That shimmer of silver

always lingering out of full sight

licking the tearstains from worn carpets

and chilling my warm hand.


It slept in the shadows

a figurine to the curious sunlight

but when darkness rose those eyes alit

and above my sleeping frame it would hover

watching as innocence took over my weary face.


It’s smell lingered long after it was gone

like a subtle rosy hue

to color the air

and tickle my lungs.


So cruel of it to leave me

with only the tiniest hint it was ever there

a remainder burnt deep into the pulsing scar

that it once healed with icy touch.


It wasn’t until I realized who it was

that the poison began to call.

For the chance was stolen by my obliviousness

and now she was lost forever

the only one who’d cared –

and now I was determined

to be lost with her.


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