My Superhero

My superhero rests upon my face,

under my hollowed eyes

below my sunken cheekbones

underneath my red painted nose.


My superhero saves me everyday

casting doubts away

and sending me spiraling

into the world of normalcy.


My superhero defies the laws,

arguing with the other emotions,

contracting deadened muscles

long withered away.


My superhero is the smile

that never cracks,

despite lacing across a fractured viasage.

Never melting,

despite the cascade of thoughts

pressing against my skull.


My superhero is my fake smile,

that never lets my pain be seen.


5 thoughts on “My Superhero

  1. Pain only aggravates when faced with empathy zero,
    so be proud of your shielding smile; it is truly a hero!
    I trust your discernment, Kate, I do see your Light.
    As much as you are suffering, I know balance you’ll find.
    (((Nourishing Leonine embraces)))


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