Flying Notes

The fingers danced

a skittering across russet wood

and sweeping over vibrating strings.


The body swayed

as hand dared the bow to plunge.

Sound reverberated up the spine

lacing edges of consciousness

with tepid trills of emotion.


Scales stretched to painted sky

deftly defying sunset hues

with the blue tones from somber moon.


Even distant plants could feel the echoes

soaring deep into the night.

They pierced the brightest stars

with an onslaught so great

that the burning orbs dulled in comparison

and fell from their trembling orbits

in mourning.


As the highnotes screeched

mountaintops crumbled

releasing long-rested dust

to float in freedom

across music filled skies

and wonder about

the song.

5 thoughts on “Flying Notes

    1. What a connection we have. A day or two before you posted this I stumbled across this same duo playing a different song in my exploration of cello music on youtube… I am awed. This song is also very beautiful and I have added it to my quickly growing repertoire. Thank you.

      May each day shine bright in your memory,

      Liked by 1 person

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