Lilting tunes escaping

between stretching, spindly arms.

Slipping silently through the still night air.

creeping around leaves,

caressing curling edges

and dusty veins.

Up it rises

like smoke from a

smoldering fire.

Up it goes, tendrils reaching

for the sky.

Up it flies,

a little tune,

alone and pure,

just like a little whisper:

a taste,

a scent,

a breath,

of harmony.


16 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. I love this Kinetic Katy! Highly graphic, with precise desriptions! Yeah! And happy too! Kudos dear, you’ve still got game and you’ve got it going on! *winks* LOL

    Lest I forget, wanna wish ya a belated Happy Prosperous New Year! Sorry for my lonnnggg absence, it couldn’t be helped you see! I trust you’re holding up beautifully, yes! It feels good to be back! Missed ya sore, it hurt so bad! Youch! *laughing*

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    1. Yes the famous emotion everyone is always telling me about – happiness! Oh and right back at you, I hope this year will only bring you tears of joy! And no need to apologize, we all have those times where we can’t get on. 🙂 Glad to hear your voice once again though!

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      1. Oh, thank Goddess Kate, so good to see you again. I have been thinking of you more intensely for a few days now, and getting a slightly uneasy feeling. Your nascent Something beauty sort of confirms my concern, but I hope it was mainly because of my own struggles.
        I am so grateful for our mutual support through the aether, sweetest sister.
        Blessed be you always.
        ❤ Leon

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        1. I have been feeling better recently, although I had been going through a dark period. It’s a wonder how you might have managed to sense it. As for your struggles – I wish I could blow them away like seeds off a dandelion. If only there was a way of reaching beyond the screen, but at least we have the power of words.

          ❤ Kate

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          1. “If only” blah blah blah…
            It is happening and we both feel it; we are the wonders, Kate! The power of our connection transcends words, we do have inbuilt sensors for each other, and guess what, you were very intensely on my mind again for about an hour before I received this blessing you offer me here!
            I bet you can see me watching these seeds floating away…

            Take very good care of yourself, my sweet sister.
            When darkness threatens you, remember:
            You beat inside my chest.


            1. I’m listening to the song on your post ‘Remember’. Just like your writing, it is so transcendentally beautiful. I wish everything well with you as well, for I know we both have struggles to deal with. With music and words we can heal, and together, like vines, we can use each other for support as we climb to a higher place of healing.
              — Kate

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