Numb ustic nerves

fervently burning from the cold

as diminutive lims lath –

pressed onto red linked chain:

listless in the darkness,

placid against a demon’s chest.


Banner of hair flapping

a flag of unbenounced creation

attached to cantankerous body

squandered by salty licks

from writhing tongues below

the relentless blue tugging

exalted by the taste of the

life seeping from fractured skin


As lithe birds shift between cracked ominocity,

a single glow of pallid yellow highlights

the figurine with chiseled jaw

cheeks stained red

fighting alabaster cloths for sight.


Back hunched, a curvature pointing down

string hair hanging – black as her mind

and the nightmares which haunt

her moving frame

are unseen to innocent eyes.


Up above the ocean she swings

sat upon a wooden slab

clinging to metal chains.

Attached to lithe clouds,

her body slowly being washed away

by the hungry white mouths

of the ocean.


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