My Puzzle

I thought I could heal

all the shattered fragments

of your bones

with a kiss.

I thought I could heal

all the fractures in your mind

with words lining paper

and love barely concealed.

I thought I could heal

all that was not whole

and piece you like a puzzle

till you fit once again

but I forgot

to heal another

one must be healed themselves.


15 thoughts on “My Puzzle

      1. Our iron could sharpen each other, our blooms could rest and rest on each other, you could be the goby fish and I the shrimp all at the same time…NEVER SAY NEVER MY SISTER…told you about a golden glade once, where the sun always shines..there…ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

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        1. How uplifting your words are, such contrast to the usual dark fog condensing above my head. You talk of this glade and things ive not believed in before now seem possible. You speak of the wonder that this word holds and I fall into an alternate reality which may be where I will stay. Your words are the tools of a healer themselves and they have alreay begun the journey to heal all those whom you speak to. Never lose your voice.

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          1. It is the way of life my sister…darkness would always bow before light….the flowery gaiety of spring would always triumph over the icy grip of winter…the cannons of laughter would always drown the galleons of tears….dawn would always prevail! Thank you for your sweet words. .if I had ever doubted finding purpose..tonight those misgivings have been banished…Life is beautiful my sister and as you discover sunshine and would stop being a shadow and evolve from an evanescent snow flake into a mountain that stretches the limits of eternity. ..thank you!


              1. We are kindred spirits my brother. .you are a literary swashbuckler. .A Templar of poetry. ..a Musketeer of prose…a Knight of rhyme and rhythm…slashing to bits the darkness in the world. .plunging humanity into light….write on my brother…


  1. Sometimes, it doesn’t take someone whole to heal another…sometimes the healing touch lies in our bruised body… our frailty, our vulnerabilities…all that it takes is a heart full of love and good intentions reaching out in patience and humility to the other…and all it takes to be healed is opening up one’s heart to be touched. Healing starts from the heart, a heart open to be touched

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    1. Ah, how you remind me of the power when two are joined together. Even if both are broken, they make the beginnings of an army. One that will begin to vanquish the demons which haunt from afar… I promise my heart is open, and I will welcome all others who are in pain..<3


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