They Burn

They burn behind clouded optics

hiding from the sights outside,

and they lurk in bloody tissues

as if the sinews that grew

could glue them back together.


They burn in deep condensed sheets

a force of breathlessness

driven to uncover what it feels like

to touch sweet air.


They burn behind the unseen bars

unable to roll to freedom

lost to the world absent of allure

yet longed for still the same,

for that place

where tears must not fall.


7 thoughts on “They Burn

  1. tears hidden from the world, burning and stinging at the back of the eyes, struggling to find expression…from a heart full to the brim and overwhelmed with sorrow.
    you captured it beautifully

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  2. Kinetic Katy and her certain fascination with tears! *laughing*

    I absolutely love that illustration of the fiery, infernal eye! A tad scary but a very beautiful work of art I recognise! Lol

    Plus, the poem in itself is apt! Tears that oughta be free flowing are held are held back, just so no one knows they lurk beneath the veneer, looking for a way to just leak out, flow and overflow; not caring whose horse is gored!

    Those tears can only stay hidden for so long, before they erupt, explode and are unleashed for all to see! Nice one KK, you did it again, as always! Kudos! LOL

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    1. Haha yes, my enthrallment with tears only continues.

      Thank you, the picture I thought was very fitting for this piece and your words of praise bring only more smiles to my face. 🙂

      I hope that you are in a place where tears are free to flow Yemie, and may you always be there!

      — Kate

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      1. Aw! As long as ’em tears are of joy unspeakable and happiness unlimited, I’ll take it! I’ll bite and I’d allow ’em flow freely without any hindrances and inhibitions! I’ll have it no other way! *laughing*

        Thanks KK, I wish you every happiness, a lotta mirthful laughs and then some! You’re deserving of so much more dearie! Kudos! *hugs*

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