The Darkness Slumbers

The darkness slumbers –

a penetrating force shuddering granite stones,

and slumbering giants

whom lie tucked in churning soil

deeper than the human imagination.


The darkness slumbers –

while tears run wild

as broken souls wander through war-strewn valleys,

and during the piling of the dead atop homes of hope.


The darkness slumbers –

as thickened roots grow longer

a twining rope burning into heated core

searing alongside frozen shadows stretching.


The darkness slumbers –

as rain runs red,

as grass grows garnet,

as forests flow falu,

as crows cry crimson,

as valleys vibrate vermillion,

and as stars shimmer their scarlet songs,

sweet lullabies to keep the darkness

from awakening.

4 thoughts on “The Darkness Slumbers

  1. might be a shadow but you paint words in brilliant light…the darkness might as well wake and slumber on no more..with all the crimson deluge, the world has gone to hell in a basket already…

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