Violet dances through the atmosphere

teaching weightless secrets to gravities foes.

Wrapping around sloped neck

above bony collarbones

marked with blue

where my fingers used to brush.

It closes in warm embrace

as fibers stretch and eyes begin to raise –

and I find myself trembling in your cold azure seas,

lost amongst the deep sapphire

where unshed dreams hide beneath cresting lust.


I let myself glide




all of me to feel

you’re deflated lungs –

punctured by lost fragments of sanity.

Air begins to be but another lost dream

that I can see in your gaze

as delicate and stiff as all the other

frozen hopes.


Then I sense it happening,

muscles weaken,

eyelids droop,

for lack of breath you fall deeper

into the purple scarf

and my arms.


As you grow paler

I breathe harder,

hungrily lapping up the air

with the type of lust that I saw you nurture

in yourself.


I let myself stroke those collarbones,

feelings them pulsate with a slowing beat

radiating from beneath stretched skin

suddenly too tight to keep your soul inside.

And as I watch those eyelids close

over the oceans that were once my home,

I take in your last exhale,

and leave you


8 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. This is quite frightening Kinetic Katy! When I saw that title, I smiled! I’d thought it was a good kinda breathless, you know; like when you behold something or someone of absolute beauty and you gush and say ‘Oh la! My breath you take away or Oh My! You take my breath away and leave me helplessly breathless’, how gravely mistaken I was when I read through this ‘monsterpiece! So then, you made good your promise to throw in a curveball, one which had me long before I delved into the poem proper! Great going Kinetic Katy Dang! *laughing*

    I love the use of imageries in this piece! This line ‘it closes in warm embrace’ had me squirming like whaaattt?! This embrace is everything but warm, deathly more like! *laughing*

    You did a terific job, well done gurl and I hope you’ve submitted ’em poems to the magazine! All the best is wished you KK! Soar on up! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe it or not, I actually was thinking of the exact same thing when I began writing this poem under this title! I thought that maybe I’d do it about love or something happy, but then I got distracted and came back later in a completely different mood and here is what spilled out.

      So true, the ‘warm’ embrace of death. Conflicting…

      Thank you and yes I have, thanks for your suggestions, I put them to good use 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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