I Cry

I cry

because the world no longer has a place

for my two-faced shadow.

I cry

because despair roots deep in

bleeding indigo hearts.

I cry

because mouths keep moving

words keep spilling

yet I remain a statue.

I cry

because normality cannot be expressed

by the unseen girl

with tracks of trailing tears

flooding over cheeks

invisible in daylight.

I cry

because they follow everywhere




ready to fill a hollow stomach

with bloated fat,

and a hollow mind

with dark thoughts.

I cry

because my mind is shriveled and compressed

a dead flower pressed between pages –

an imprint of what used to be beautiful.

I cry

because I have nothing left to do

but drown in my tears.


5 thoughts on “I Cry

  1. Aw! However did that happen Kinetic Katy?! I’d thought this post was an error till I opened up the link and found a new poem in place! So sorry ’bout that!

    Well, the former and latter poems are beautiful masterpieces nonetheless! And like I earlier said, sometimes its good to cry and let out some steam but we should be careful not to allow for the sadness and gloom threatening to just wanna swallow us up in its claws, to not subdue us and win the day! We must wrestle ourselves out of it and take back control by all means necessary! Otherwise, we plunge deeper and drown altogether!

    Plus, you’re NOT unseen, you couldn’t possibly be! I see you crystal clear and hear your voice loud, so much so its deafening! See?! *laughing*

    Feel better KK, better days lie ahead you’ll see! Mwah! *bearhugs* LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such deja-vu since your comment posted on the first poem was so similar!

      Yes, it definitely is good to cry. Often I find crying or tears as abundant thoughts in mind when I am writing my poetry, perhaps because I am unable to cry at the moment for unexplainable reasons (due to myself not knowing). I guess I let out those unshed tears through my writing as best as I can, and just wait until the day that final my eyes are brimming with what I’ve waited so longed for.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Yowie Yemie, I’ll remember that you see me<3

      — Kate


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