Breathe, when

Breathe, when those around you are laced with syrup smiles

Breathe, when shattered tears are lost as past memories

Breathe, when the stratosphere is ripe with crisp optimism

Breathe, when others bestow upon you their own breath

Breathe, when there is nothing remaining to complete

Breathe, when you sense the darkness ripping

Breathe,when your eyelids feel like slipping.

Don’t breathe, when you’re submerged beneath murky gloom

Don’t breathe, when poison whispers through the atmosphere

Don’t breathe, when Death searches for a victim

Don’t breathe, when light-speckled cities far below call for you to try to fly

Don’t breathe, when smothered by harrowing lies

Don’t breathe, when air isn’t there.


15 thoughts on “Breathe, when

  1. Hmm. This is sensational Kinetic Katy! I love all the admonitions! Tried to wrap my fingers around the ‘Don’t breathe’ lines! I reasoned, if I don’t or can’t breathe; then am just as good as dead! Then again I thought; if I do somehow manage to breathe under those circumstances you spoke ’bout, I’m dead anyhow! Ouch! ‘Deadlocked’!!! *Pun intended* *laughing*

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    1. Like Yemie said, there are so many ways to interpret one poem, and sometimes they can hold a nugget of the truth. I’ll explain what I was thinking when I wrote it, although sometimes I like others interpretations much more than mine (or I uncover another reason why I wrote it that I had been hiding from myself…)! To put it simply, I said the word ‘breathe’ when there is light to be seen. When darkness isn’t all-consuming and so you can a breathe a little more sunlight, and bob a little higher in the overwhelming ‘ocean of shadows’ (just the general darkness in the mind). For if you breathe when there is happiness or goodness surrounding you, you will, in a sense, breathe that in and lighten your own mind. I started the ‘don’t breathe’ when I described a situation where there was only darkness. For example, when one is compelled to commit suicide, or is drowning in sadness. If you breathed, wouldn’t you just inhale some of that obsidian and therefore taint your body and mind even more? In these cases it’s better not to breathe, and wait for it to pass, because otherwise you will only fall deeper… I’d not actually thought about if you hold your breath for long enough that you will die, just like you will die if you do breathe, so that’s very intriguing Yemie… I’ll have to ponder over that some more.

      So you see, you are both correct in one way or another! Swag, when I use the word breathe, I am talking about loosening up and such so that you can absorb some of the happiness and feel less alone. Yemie, it’s true you are dead if you don’t breathe… and like you pointed out, the situations I linked those two words with would have all ended in death anyway.

      You both read so much into my poems, taking the time to search it’s depths for meaning. By doing this and asking questions you make me look into myself even more, allowing me to understand my innerworkings… So I must say, thank you to you both!

      — Kate

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      1. No KK, thank YOU for setting us off as you did and getting our thought processes to go into overdrive! *laughing*

        Totally loved your take, you definitely cleared up the air! Great thinking gurl, this sizzles! LOL

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      2. How you described it is exactly what i had in mind. Yemie made me see it from a different perspective which seemed more up the alley of Just another impurity.  You are welcome. You are so talented my sister…

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    1. How do you mean Swag?! School me! What did you make of those lines?! Poems speak to everyone in various different ways and it really isn’t ’bout whether you got it right or wrong! Sometimes, there really isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to poetry! We all see what we wanna! What seest thou?! What perspective did you view this masterpiece from?! Care to share?! Please?! *laughing*

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      1. Felt the first part was saying loosen up..feel free, relax n be good when good things are happening around you…I did not think of the fact that whether you breath or are dead for the dark part…

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        1. That’s a great perspective you’ve got there! Like I said, there’s no right or wrong! The word ‘Breathe’ as used here can mean a gazillion thing to different people! It may be termed literally by some, like I did; or figuratively as you did! In which case you termed it to mean ‘loosen up’, when great things are happening around one, and ‘suck it up’ or ‘don’t plain get too comfy’; when ‘not so good things’ are the order of the day! Either ways, its all good really! We’ll just after to wait for the brain behind this masterpiece to shed more light for us ‘little people’, won’t we?! *laughing*

          Kinetic Katy, the ball’s in your court now, take it away will you and set us on the straight and narrow! *rolling my eyes* LOL

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