Hemorrhaging Emotions

Abstract red lines of seething

A pattern of my own creation

Thick rage blossoming across stitched mind

as words settle at stomach pits.


Thinking you understand

Help twisted beyond meaning

Left alone is desolation.


A flourished war cry

Ringing out alone

Knowing nothing

Laughter when gone.


A sight of impenetrable reflections

Distorted from one.

Tear filled pools

Leaking from corners

Of shut eyes.


9 thoughts on “Hemorrhaging Emotions

  1. You know what they say ’bout a person ‘crying blood’?! That’s the vibe am getting from this beautiful work of art right here! Its sooo beyond ‘ah-mazing’ how you can churn out a masterpiece that’s not only soul-dpping but very uncannily soul-stirring! That’s like saying something’s both mindblowing and yet incredibly mindboggling! LOL

    Your pieces aren’t for the simple-minded! You don’t just get to skim through ’em and just get ’em! They’re sooo deep, emantaing from a place so real, honest and true! You’re a very deep thinker Kinetic Katy and your writing always seek to challenge me! Till I get a brainwave and am well able to just ‘hack’ into your faculties to decipher what message you’re trying to get across, mostly; I keep mute! Immediately I figure out what it is you’re saying, you set me off on a tailspin like right now and you can just tell am soo on to you, when I become chatty! *laughing*

    You’re a very wise one KK, a lotta wisdom’s lodged in your writings and I totally LOVE that title! Once the heart bleeds, it’ll definitely flow outwards, and externally; turning to wailings wherein we can just so easily begin to literally shed blood, if we don’t get it together! I like it, tons! Kudos! LOL

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  2. Yemie,
    As I typed this poem rage was frothing inside me, a churning sea crashing against my very bones and shaking me to the core. I’m glad that it rang true and honest in your mind, for it came from the pit of my emotions, always so vibrant when expressed in words, yet silent amidst a crowd. My Yowie Yemie, you grasp what I try to say as if it came from your own mind, I know your silence only represents pondering! You yourself must be deep as well, for to grasp a meaningful concept you need a profound mind. (By the way, I wish to see more posts on your blog!)

    Hm, if you are catching onto me I better hurry and change it up, and throw a huge curveball at you! Haha, watch out… xD

    Just joking…maybe! <33 you Yemie!

    — Kate

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  3. C’mon Kinetic Katy, you wouldn’t do that to me would you now?! Curveballs?! You’ve got more than enough already to last you several lifetimes! Just take a very good look at this delightful site of yours, and you’d see a pool of masterpieces, penned with flawless surgical precision; only a great mind can crack! Your site’s not for the average Jane or Joe! Add curveballs to what obtains and then what?! LMAO!

    More posts on my site you say! *sighs* I’m such a lazybone but am already working on the sequel to the first post and I have other ‘capital’ ideas for more future posts! Something will most definitely be up soon, and thanks for the careful push! I appreciate and you on the other hand…..Rock Much! *laughing*


    1. I think if I started throwing curveballs anyone who read my poems and even myself would just go crazy! Chaos would be the result, insanity like never before! Haha!

      Ouh, can’t wait to read them! My eager eyes will await until they can drink your words! (Does that sound creepy? Probably… 🙂 )

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      1. Not creepy at all, a figurative speech more than less! LOL. Plus, am I so glad we’re on the same page as regards the curveballs! That was a close call! Phew! *laughing*

        Thanks Kinetic Katy, you do great always!

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        1. Haemorrhaging Emotions!
          Little Dreams!
          Bird’s Echoes!
          Sipping Nightmares!
          Black Rose!
          Breathe When!
          Silk Scarf!
          I cry!

          I absolutely love these ones, in no particular order, although ‘Little Dreams’ and ‘Bird’s Echoes’, kinda stands out for me! How ’bout it?! *smiles*

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