Just a Little Cut

It was just a little cut.


The tickling of the blade against my smooth skin,

The pleasure in my eyes reflected in the blade’s silver,

as past hopes and dreams have begin to wither,

And the present is all that’s ever been.


The knife and me.

For months I have searched for this:

This key.

A way to unlock the anguish that resides;

deep in the crannies of my mind.

And here it is.

The knife and me.


It was just a little cut.


It didn’t take much,

Just a little pressure,

And the knife slides in,

Painting crimson speckled skin,

brushstrokes taken in leisure.


It was just a little cut.


A scratch, a nick,

The red line will soon be gone,

Matters of hours

It will hardly be that long.


It was just a little cut.


But as the knife slips out,

A broken mind caves

a thousands whispers collide within;

the torrent of emotion wins.

And I cut




It’s just a little cut.


The blood-stained sheets of the bed

Lie beneath my arm:

which like the waning moon,

grows ever smaller,

as beige turns to scarlet..


There’s the little cut –

That turned to something more.


5 thoughts on “Just a Little Cut

  1. This is so beyond captivating! That cut’s everything but little or just! It runs soo deep, even as far as into the soul! How you make something this gruelling look so ‘literarily appealing’ beats the crap outta me Kinetic Katy! You’re truly gifted, don’t even doubt that for a second! Awesomeness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so amazing too! I just read your first post too….and I’m definitely going back for more. Like I said in my comment, I really like your style!

      Oops, forgot to put your nickname in the other comment, Yowie Yemie!

      Hm…for some reason my blog has a white background now?? I’ve tried changing it but it doesn’t seem to be working! So strange, I hope I get it correct soon, I don’t like it with just plain white background!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. C’mon Kinetic Katy, the white background’s just right! From whence am standing, it pretty much complements these magnificently concocted ‘dark monsterpieces’ of yours! Don’t you think?! And that nickname you forgot…..never mind! There’s plenty time to make amends, yes?! *evil grin*

        Liked by 1 person

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