My name spiraled through the whirlwind

glimpses of the omnipotent; shattered meanings

whispered before forgotten, to tempest storms.


A ruckus blown across deserted lands

tickling dust up from hibernating nests

and tossing auburn stained and weathered leaves

ever crumbling cliffs a-leaning.


Weeping rocks to white tipped pleas of the ocean

And with the cacophony of cries, still it rang out

syllables slitting through the rest.


As power coarses from glowing fingers; finally at rest,

laid upon sweet clusters of white,

and eyes ricochet across crannied lands

watching for the response to the echoing call.


Compulsion pulls but hearts sewn too tightly

to accept the whisper from above.


Head ducked beneath wingless arms

stained feet fleet over scorched grass

and mellowed waters.

And I go far

far from the bouncing echoes

of my name.


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