Closed Doors

Dilated pupils through tarnished keyholes

Snowy fingers wrap around deep brass

and as it’s turned

unfamiliar light dribbles

and overcomes the darkness beyond.


An oscillating visage

lips puckered in surprise

at the empty closet before her.


Dragging hands across dusty shelves

which I last climbed on.


A sharp breath of the musky air,

from which I last breathed.


Through the thin overcoat

I feel her shiver

and hear her start to hum

a tune too happy for the silence

which I left behind.


When the melody is swallowed

by the dark atmosphere

I know.


Black box uncovered.

Uncertainty a curtain in wide eyes.

Yet all that lies is a black belt

from which I last used.


And as she leaves

a door is left ajar

illuminating a transparent persona

and the last place I hung

as death took it’s willing victim

behind a closed door.


8 thoughts on “Closed Doors

  1. You’ve got a very distinct way of capturing events! This is so glum yet, enthralling! How a person walks into a room happy, and comes out deeply saddened, disheartened and an absolute hot pot of mess; at the grim, grisly discovery that’s staring her right in the eyes! Damn! That’s just so heartwrenching! *sighs*


      1. Don’t sweat it Kinetic Katy, you absolutely DIDN’T make me sad darling, you couldn’t! All I see is the talent and ingenious, lingering beneath a piece so graphically detailed; yet excellently concocted! Double thumbs up, cupcakes, you brought this! *hugs* LOL

        PS: Plus, I see that I’ve gone from ‘Yowie to ‘Yearning’! Wow, neat! LMAO

        Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s mighty impressive! *laughs*. Just so you know, I have a lone post in place on ‘my’ blog! Gosh! That sounds sooo weird! Yuck! LMAO!

            The ‘ayes’ have it and finally plus defeatedly; I am now a ‘goofer’! Not a writer but a ‘goofing’ blogger! Whatever in the heck that means! And its all thanks to Topazo! He set up this whole thing and voila! Straight from the heart’s berthed! Yippie, I guess! *sullen look* Kidding!!! LOL

            Liked by 1 person

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