Bird’s Echoes

White specks swarming,

mass of ricocheting limbs,

and torrents of lost feathers.


Cries cascade out

from the battlefield.


Undulating bodies

throbbing with unsung tune

as claws dipped in red

paint the sky a dripping sunset.


Reeling and plunging

a ferocious dance

of red death

as a bloody moon begins to rise.


When the dark of night,

smoldered by the first rays of new sun

it retreats.


Feather-strewn hills lay waiting

as the world holds it breath

staring at the battlefield

where cries still echo.


3 thoughts on “Bird’s Echoes

  1. I love your title of choice! Just reading through this, I could visualize a valley, riddened by skulls amongst other human remains, scavenged upon by vultures! The Valley of Skulls! Now that’s bone-chilling, cooo-reepy! *laughing*.

    Plus, this line ‘Staring at the battle field where cries still echoes’, looks to me like the cries is not only those of flapping birds, but also those slain, the unsung heroes! You go gurl, you got this locked down like BAM! LOL


      1. The good kinda chills ei?! That’s new and it works for me like crazy! And ‘Unsung Heroes’, plus the ‘ Valley of Skulls’…… were inspired by thou, My Fair Lady! *courteseying* LOL

        Liked by 1 person

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