The Black Rose

Oh, the black rose does grow,

beneath dead skies,
between deserted lands,
and above the thumping heart.

Oh, the black rose does grow,
where white phantoms,
walk windowed halls,
as dark cloaks sent flying
slip by disintegrating sanity.
The eluding wind
It grows,
It falls,
It dies.

Clouds condensing
thick walls to shade
the eyes from above from watching.
And as all is obscured by weighty fog
The tumbling rain,
It grows,
It falls,
It dies.

Oh, the black rose does grow,
Thorns piercing weakened hearts.
Blood droplet drawn,
It grows,
It falls,
It dies.

Oh, the black rose does grow,
It creeps around edges of souls,
Points stained from countless piercings.
Squeezing through stitched fragments
it blooms in eternal misery.
Time drones on,
It grows,
It falls,
It dies.

Oh, the black rose does grow,
Until it’s time for picking.
When clocks have run out of numbers
and the sun has nowhere to set.
Then all there’s left
is the blood on my wrist
the blood on my knife
the blood on my heart
and the black rose in my mind.

It grows,
It falls,

and I die.


5 thoughts on “The Black Rose

  1. Am beyond intrigued by this masterpiece! This is an impeccable work of art, flawless! All the lines and verses carry such powerful messages, embedded in those words! The Black Rose blooming in eternal misery really got my attention I’d say! That’s puzzling! One would think misery would otherwise stunt its growth and just swallow it up! Such an irony! And that’s presupposing that inspite of what colour a rose is, its still a rose! A beautiful flower adored by majority and representing beauty in all of its glory! I totally dig that beautiful illustration of the Black Rose, with what appears to be droplets of blood! It does complement the poem and brings it all together! A very wow piece this is!

    And even though the Black Rose in thy mind doth die, you Kinetic Katy; will Live. Learn. Love. And most importantly dear, you’ll LAUGH heartily, by jove! You’re awesome through and through, don’t you ever forget! Soar on up! LOL

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    1. It’s true that this poem could have taken a lighter tone. Maybe I could have wrote about how despite the dark color, the rose still blooms alongside the others, just and beautiful and belonging. I almost am tempted to make a contrasting poem, see where it leads me. Hmm…

      As soon as I saw the picture that accompanies this piece, I knew that it was perfect. How could it embody my poem so well, I wondered. Who knows, but the image in my mind is an exact replica as if it were extracted from my thoughts.

      The four L’s, I see. 🙂 Who knows what is in my mind, I only hope that when I kill this black rose creeping inside me that it isn’t so far entangled that I can’t live without it. I feel as if writing and those like you seem to shine a light on it, and cause it to shrivel and shrink, so I’m slowly regaining parts of myself. Maybe one day it will be gone, or so small that is only a memory. We’ll see…

      I hope you continue to soar too, up and up into the bright azure sky of opportunities!


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  2. Never say never Kinetic Katy, all things are possible to them that believe! Just keep believing in your abilities and the sky will not be your limit, but the very beginning! The good thing ’bout all your experiences, as harrowing as they are, is that; the treasures embedded inside of you was unleashed in the form of the poetry and prose, these experiences have taught you to compose! Perhaps, you may not have discovered this beautiful aspect of you if you didn’t go through that valley! We’ll never know! So its not all bad news dear, something great actually came from all of these! And the best and most important thing’s that you didn’t roll over to take the wrap! You’re here, in the now and you’re telling your story, in the most spectacular of ways you know how! You went from victim to survivor! You’re a fighter, a victor; an inspiration! You’re Kate; Kinetic Katy! Need I say more?! *laughing*


    1. I was just thinking…I want to have a nickname for you too. I’ll have to try out ones!

      Prose…Compose… Was that a rhyme I just heard? I think this may be foreshadowing a poet in the making! Haha.

      As always, all the <3's to your beautiful, kind self, Yowie Yemi! (Hmmm, how does that sound?)

      –Kinetic Katy

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      1. Hmmm…Yowie Yemie, how does that sound she asks?! Like music to my ears, I’d say! So poetic too! Its, scratch that! You. Are. A. Win! I’ll sooo take it! I’ll bite! Thanks KK and rock on! *laughing*

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