Shade (1)

I make you who you are. I’m your friend and I’m your worst nightmare. I’ll haunt you till your days are done, and you’ve finally sang your song. Till you’re laid in black coffin and put to rest. I’ll lay my cool hand upon your breast, and follow you into the deep unknown. I am the one to bring you to tears, to make you scream in fright and feel as if to die. To find your fears and so that I may tear apart your inside. I am the one who whispers taunting words in your ear, so close but too far to reach. I’ll lead you to your destruction, obliterating your will and taking what I desire. I’m your subconscious and I shall be the one to destroy you. I’m the one to starve you, to draw blood. To strip away the cover of sweetness so only the rotten remains. I help you hold that knife as it slides through your skin, while crimson rolls down pale arm and drips to the floor. I’m the one who sees pain as a release and starvation as a goal. I force you to follow my footsteps as I lead you on the path of demolition. I’m the one who keeps us hidden, and urges you on. I’m the one to watch you gag and cry in desperation. I’m the one you call out to when you need help, knowing what I’ll bring, but too far in love to care. I’ll force that smile on your face, and make you go on one more day. For I am your Shade. I am you, but you are not I.


15 thoughts on “Shade (1)

  1. OHK! Topazo pointed me your way Evanescentshadows and since being here, I feel like am walking through the Lalaland of Doom and Gloom and am forced to ask you this…. Who are you???

    This totally did me in, by the way; you’re an absolute force of nature and I simply can’t contain you! Wow! LOL

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    1. I wish I could tell you who I am, but even I don’t really know. There are so many contrasting parts of me, scattered here and there that it feels like I could be a million people. I am a puzzle, pieced together by many others, yet somehow I’m still supposed to be just Kate. Kate the writer. Kate the happy. Kate the smiley. Kate the laughter. Kate the cello player. Kate the dancer. Kate the British. Kate the depressed. Kate the skinny. Kate the broken. Kate the fractured. It seems impossible to fit everything into one, yet here I am.

      I thank you so much for reading my writing, if it helps you in any way then I’m glad – I hope for others to heal a little or not feel so alone when reading what I type. ❤

      If you want you can ask more specific questions to find out more about me or any piece of writing I’ve published you can visit my Question Page as well. I am a stained book, but an open one.

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      1. Its really nice to meet and make your acquaintance Kate! Plus, the ‘who are you’ question……that was just me ‘getting my silly on’! I was only goofing around, meant absolutely nothing by it! Moreover, am all for ‘stained and open books’, works for me like crazy, you don’t know the half of it! LOL

        Your pieces I find very authentic, surreal and deep! You’re an original and I’ll be sure to check out all your ‘offerings’ and just have me a good time, whilst getting informed and enlightened! Thanks for your kindly response, you rock; absolutely! *big smile*

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          1. *big smile*. Right now dearie, I just take pride in checking out the contents of blogs I consider brilliant, outstanding and pretty unique, just like yours! I don’t own a blog basically outta choice, but am fairly a regular guest on Topazo’s blog. Thanks so much again and keep keeping on, will you? You’re holding up beautifully, against all odds and channeling your energies into writing masterpieces! Now, that’s pretty commendable and worth emulation. Kudos ‘Kinetic Katie’! LOL

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      2. Oh yes, I’ve seen you around Topazo’s blog! 🙂 I’ll definitely keep writing, and hope someday I’ll get read a piece created by you! Thank you for all your support and kindness, you are amazing. ❤ (Kinetic Katy, I like it!)


      1. I can’t help blushing at your compliment. “very talented” is…wow! I don’t know what to say. I am looking forward to your presence on my blog.

        true, the best writings are those ones that are heart-felt, birthed from an intimate knowing and baptized in real emotions that we have felt and known… those forms are those that bring healing….

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