The Mask

Who are you?

Slipping over angled cheekbones
Light blue stars spattered asunder
Glinting residue sticking to pale skin.
Curving almond eyes as dark pupils watch
from close behind.
Curling out before deep scarlet lips
and swooping behind elfen ears.

Who are you?

A blue angel in a blue dress
Auburn hair unfurling
A waterfall around frozen perfection
And peeking out
A white smile gleams.

Who are you?

Movements seeming to speak of eloquence
A sky blue scarf your sail
As dainty feet skim over hardwood floor.
as body twirls
in a muted hurricane.

Who are you?

Watching from shadows,
violet mask glistening
as golden etchings writhe.
Dark fuchsia and black
twined in long robe of darkness.

Who are you?

Glinting eyes track
the blue girl
as the purple shadow dissipates
in wonder.


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