The two girls ran together. Their feet pounded in unison, their heavy breaths intertwining in the crisp morning air. Two pairs of eyes fixated on a small dirt path, occasionally flickering to the bowing trees, emerging roots from a thick carpet of pine needles, and the leaves which seemed to be cascading down from the stretching tree limbs above. Their arms swung together as the beat they made echoed around the silent forest. The animals held their breaths, watching. The trees slowed their swaying, waiting. The sky stared down, weeping. Elongated tears of sorrow and joy, as alike as the fleeting girls. Hair was plastered to their foreheads, and the rain steamed as it hit their fiery skin, giving off smoky tendrils of condensation. It rose up, only to fall back down once again – an endless torrent of the grieving sky. Clothes clung to lean bodies as they raced. And while they worked their way through tendrils of receding fog, the light grew ever stronger, burning a hole in the grey expanse above the world. Sweat rolled off of shaking frames, turning brown with dirt as it rolled. Streaks of mud and grime coated muscular legs, which quivered with each repeated hit against the ground. The trees began to thin, their eyes not moving as scenery changed. The air was lighter now, the sky only a blue plain stretching on in eternity. The twin figures burst out of the glowering forest momentum propelling them forwards. Cries resonated through the rolling hills as the girls tumbled. Their hands slammed into dirt and they lay still. Their breathing slowed, their hearts stalled. Then a hand twitched, a body rolled, and soon they were both on their backs. Gleaming smiles donned tired faces, stomachs heaving as they gulped the fresh air. Two hands found one other and gripped hard, a physical bond much less than the mental one that vibrated in the air between them. Ears were attuned to the shivering grass tickling wet cheeks as shining eyes stared up at the sky, reflecting back only the infinite future.


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