Fractured Vessels

Spiderwebbed veins

marking out intricate patterns

pulsating azure pushed forward

flaming through a body.


Walls dislocating,

patches ripping

crystal cells sent ricocheting

and behind the sapphire chases

leaping through invisible boundaries.


Blue bleeds to crimson

and splatters like paint

charged streams arcing

through the teary light.


A creating formed,

depicting out death.

A piece of evidence to be bagged

and swept away.


The last remaining remnant

of the throbbing blue

which not so long ago

oscillating through your veins.


4 thoughts on “Fractured Vessels

    1. Is your soul a little lighter now?
      Mine too; thank you so much, Kate.
      May I introduce you to someone else who will also understand you and love you? You may have seen her already, because you are neighbors, but I don’t think you have talked yet. See if you can connect with Finn.
      You both live in my heart.


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