Pallid face splintering

Forming the thrumming stars.

Mind misconstrue with confusion

As grey dappled arcs reflect

Delicate painted nails drifting away.

I wish I could comprehend,

But Virgo is my conqueror.

Imprinted on lacerated wrists

flourished signs of sensitive Virgo

captured in insanity.

The wails ring too loudly

Piercing thin eardrums

which vibrate with unaligned heartbeats of thousands

As hopeless seasons drift on by.

Winter freezing stars in orbit

left waiting to thaw and shift again

Spring bouncing rosy pink to sky and back

but colors too dull to penetrate the ash around

Summer melting soaring comets

giving birth to long trickles

which seep through sweat soaked planets

And Fall,

where rainy wind blows the stars away

Darkness swooping low as I wait

For the screech of winter to arrive once again

And congeal young Virgo’s pallid face

So it may splinter.


5 thoughts on “Virgo

  1. What an amazingly lyrical abandon this poem exudes, Kate! Thank you so much. And a little astrology, too, to make me realize why a) I love your words and b) your darkness and c) why I feel at home with you. We meet in each of these three areas, because when I was born, three heavenly bodies were aligned with the constellation of Virgo: a) Mercury the planet of language, logic and the mind; b) Pluto the ruler of the Underworld and deep, core-level transformation; and c) Vesta the asteroid of hearth and home. At least one of these must be near your Virgo Sun, and probably your Mercury also falls in Virgo, and this is why our connection feels so karmic. Do not worry if you don’t know much about astrology or karma, I don’t either, just enough to recognize that the heavens confirm we have a lot in common. The important thing is that I sense with you, as I have sensed with other sisters and brothers here on WordPress, that our souls have met somewhere before; it is no accident that we are here trying to heal our wounds together. And I have many wounds, even though I don’t know their roots beyond this lifetime. I was often hating my own Virgoan qualities, because they were only creating problems for me, with a father and brother who were both Virgo Suns, each one of them separately and both of them together acting for many years very destructively against me, obviously because they were also tormented inside and they also had to give me some hard spiritual lessons that I needed. Your Ceaseless Legends page is also very Virgoan, and every little detail in the way you act and feel is like taken from my own life and inner workings. Amazing, Kate. So grateful for you. Leon

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  2. I do not know much about astrology or karma, but I wish did, for the universe is a mystical place in which we will never fully understand and it is always grounding comprehend at least a little of what goes on above.

    It must be because of the stars, planets and the hazy past that I feel as if our minds are somehow intertwined. The wisps of our thoughts mingling, having been created by either one of us, so similar do we think and feel. I find myself wondering what could have happened before this life, but I must remember that we must not dwell to much in the past, in case we get lost in the grey. After all, the darkness in the present needs fighting.

    I’m sorry for what you must have suffered in the past, but utterly thankful that we have found each other in the present, just know you did not endure it alone.

    Our Virgoan personalities will not always be understood by outsiders, as I’ve so often experienced, so we must keep each other company in this treacherous path. I once again am amazed at how blessed I am to have found you, who has the ability to reach into the darkest corners of my mind and be able to empathize without explanation with what you find there. I’m sorry if my words are tripping upon one another in their haste to get out, but what I’m trying to say in these long winded paragraphs is that I am grateful for you too.


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