My Nightingale

Once you were my nightingale

A sanctuary for traveled minds
born from years of solitude
years of dark despondency.

But when my hands greeted yours
light propelled to the aphotic corners
of my mind.
A beacon you were to me
A saint from Heaven I could not believe.

It looks like Nirvana has reclaimed you.

For once you were my nightingale,
And now you’re no more.

Opaque eyes of sightless staring
Frozen wisps of partial words
hanging off your still lips.
Not a shudder or a tremble
as my fingers fleet across your hair
a ripple impeding serenity.

You’re icy now.
Black and blue paints a picture
upon your freezing skin.
Icicles hang above,
frigid tears of forlornity
paralyzed at first touch.

Once you were my nightingale
And now it seems I am alone
with what could have been
what was in memory
and what I wish I had.

Ever so gentle I lean
A tower close to crumbling
And my lips meet yours
In one final part
But my tepid breath cannot breathe life
into a departed soul.

Nor can my warmth be shared
And so when I leave
You grow cold once again.

Once you were my nightingale
And now you are no more.

4 thoughts on “My Nightingale

  1. The beauty of your sadness is breathtaking to me, Kate. The unexpressed musician in me aches that he cannot set your lovely words here to music, creating something like this song, which I’ve had looping for hours today as I was connecting with you through your writings and preparing my comments.
    Thank you for your poetic craftsmanship. Thank you for being You, my sister.
    Wishing you all the best with all my might,

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  2. Leon, the link you posted lead to me a song that had not previously existed in my mind. Yet as the lyrics unfolded, greeting my well-worn ears, I could only close my eyes and listen. The strength and pain in the singer’s voice moved me so deeply that I couldn’t help but listen to more of her songs. I imagined you listening to it as well, and am astounded at how linked I feel with you when we type on different keyboards so far away.

    And if your inner musician wishes to use my words as lyrics, I will let him, for the power of music amazes me almost as much as words. If it helps you, do so indeed. I thank you for being able to read who I really am with such accuracy –
    Your sister,

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