When you tread

on a forest path

Do you listen?

Do you hear the cry

Morphed from elongation

Blazing paths through ruby mist?

Do you see the soggy ground

Damp with crystalline tears

Frozen beneath the surface?

Do you notice the footprints

Pressed upon thick mud

Tearing away between shattered nightmares?

Did you follow them

To the edge of a cliff

Where once a girl tried to fly away?

Can you hear her?

The scream that time never stops

As she falls for all eternity

With the shards of her nightmares.


2 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Oh no! So she did plunge to her death then?! This is pretty sad Katy! The narrator seems to be a ghostly figure sending telepathic messages to a casual bystander or a person doing nature thrills! One who’s perhaps taking a walk in the woods so carefree and seemingly oblivious of a gruesome event that had already gone forth! Again, it also come across like the narrator’s in a kinda soliIoquy! Either ways, I love the concept a lot, you did stretch your imagination! Kudos, it sizzles piping ‘hawt’! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, this narrator will tell all, the truth is spilling out of their open lips. Indeed she has died, yet her memory remains, an imprint of darkness in the otherwise happy forest, in which couples walk and children play. They do not notice what has happened, but now its being brought to their attention by one who knows the story…

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