To Fly

Her arms were her wings

slender and strong beneath exterior.

Her hair was her feathers

to be plucked off

one by one

as the wind rushed by.

Her body was the carrier

host to her soul.

A frayed rope leading to

a broken tether

and shattered fragments

luminescent in the beautiful crimson

set her free.


2 thoughts on “To Fly

  1. Gripping! Love the likening of the body parts to that of a bird, only problem being that unlike the bird soaring higher up, this soul’s obeying the law of gravity and the end thereof will be nothing short of devastating, traumatizing! *shivering* LOL

    Way to go girl, you really have this poetry thing all figured out doncha?! RESPECT! *laughing*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I just type what flows through my mind and this is what comes out I guess!(: And yes, sadly this is one girl who cannot fly, although I wish that she could have broken the laws of gravity. Perhaps then she would have soared up and seen the beauty of the ‘big picture’.

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