Gilded Girl

The golden haze kissed the freckles on her face

burgundy shadows hiding her imperfections

Tilting visage to blue expanse

white specks of wonder drifting

and words lost to lilting forest tunes.

Bangs caught in dark lashes,

briefly trapped by uncertainty

like the flutter of a heart

before a decision is made.

And then.

Long legs stood tall,

freckles long faded

sweet smile dissipated

into the frosty air

to join the snowflakes raining down

in a blurry haze.

And still time moves on.

The chariot awaits

to pull the sun across the sky

as the growing moon beams wider

in a starless night.

See this woman now

stringy hair sliced

and a wrinkled tally of years passed by

counted up her frame.

Sun-kissed skin

brown and sagging,

cobalt blear everywhere.

Until one day,

when she stands there no more.


5 thoughts on “Gilded Girl

  1. Jeez! That’s such a drastic, very scary transformation Kinetic Katy! Its like a tale of the human existence! Wherein innocence as babes, is shed when life’s woes and miseries starts to unfurl as the years goes by! When we become weather-beaten and life happens to the best of us till our time’s up and we cease existing! That’s such a frightening thought but I do appreciate how you carefully laid it all bare, the beauty in the lines and lingo are so enriching, dramatic, compelling! Nice one!

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