Facial Deception

Pinecone dust drifting in the open air as dappled skies sigh.
A decrescendo of birdsong
till only silence gapes
at the green and blue below.
Eunoia so distant
evanescence in the passing,
limpid shadows tossed asunder
a blanket for the reflections
upon the inky surface on the water.
Sweetly lochetic predators of the mind lie awake in the loom.
Oscillating above, bat’s swing A pantomime just for me,
the face in the sky.

I watch the face, the contours
the shaded mouth

the clouded eyes.

I watch.

As the wind tugs me gently closer to the edge.

2 thoughts on “Facial Deception

  1. Such beauty in gory, I haven’t beheld! The events leading up to a person, who decides to end it all and is in flight mode………. bone-chilling I say! ‘The skies sigh’, I totally love that line! Even the sky’s not in agreement! *laughing*

    You leave me speechless Kinetic Katy, am here looking through some poems I missed earlier and I just get more spellbound as I go on! You truly are gifted and poetry comes like a second nature to you! Can’t seem to distinguish you from the wonders of an outstanding poetry, you’re one and the same! Mwah! I just had to do that! Awestruck or lovestruck, em………..kidding or not! You figure it out! LMAO!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha my, you’re sometimes just as confusing as the poems I write! I’ll interpret your words like you do mine then – a fair trade. 🙂

      I remember hearing the ping, ping, ping, of my itouch while I was listening to music – now I see what it was all about! Then I realized that you were commenting on my poems! Haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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