Ethereal Creatures

A mass of writhing limbs
Disjointed, mis­matched,
Eyes without pupils, bodies without skin A pit of the otherworldly monsters Ethereal in their abnormalities.
Slippery floors with red
heat shearing to the core
as visceral delights flail,
trailing long lines of smoke
a stench as rotten as the decomposing secrets in my mind.
Beneath the earth,
atrocities drive gravity away in horror.

Dead bodies rise to life,
holes yawning through their chests.

Come back to live the torture again,
just so their falling teeth and molded jaws could work to form a scream.

Hollow and hoarse their cries ring out slicing through the dirt,
through the patterned Earth,
until two pieces fell away,
and only darkness remained between
The world has become as disjointed,

as ugly as the creatures who raided it’s surface.


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