Blurred Lines

Scrambled pigmentation,
Puzzle pieces saturated by
dull undertones.
Lost from their proper sets
they try to fit but do not match.
Sweeping chromaticism dancing before opened eyes,
Blurred edges, a drunken haze,
muddy images, elongating tendrils stretching between
as they separate.

Dampened with moldy spores,
an occasional rotational droplet declines
a lone shape to die in solitude.
If only I could see it’s death
to mourn what never was,
but I can’t see
for I’m blinded by my tears.


2 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

  1. Wow! That title’s a winner and the final lines…’I’m blinded by my tears, is so reminiscent of how images appear when one cries! There’s such a blur, hazy; that it becomes almost impossible to make sense of whatever image is being projected! You totally captured that so well!

    This is a beautifully thought out piece, the whole spectrum and scientific properties as outlined in the first verse is wayyy cool and I. AM. BEDAZZLED! LOL

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