Words whispered to deaf ears,
Heart turned cold against my tears.
Eyes as blank as grey sky above,
So gone from reality and all my love.
Reaching out with pale hands shaking,
Pencils grasped near to breaking.
Worn out and lost forever on the sheet,
Lost feathers, stained hearts, a bloody feat.
Written are all the teaching lessons,
From expression and depression to fateful oppression.
The birth from you to the paper here,
It’s all complete, I can see that you are near.
And as you finish that final word,
Ink smeared across your cheek like a flying bird,
You look up.

The raw sadness exposed,
The sanity behind your ramblings are now disclosed.
And I see it in your eyes,
All those words you used to say now just past lies.
I’ve waited up till now, and you’re finally freed.
Released from that prison and fully ready for me.


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